My Community Gives Me Life

This post is sponsored by the American Heart Association. All opinions are my own.  This month, it feels like life is pulling me in a million different directions. Sick puppy. New job. Moving. Keeping up with family. Making time for friends. 2 intramural sports teams. And one glorious Chicago summer that’s giving me a serious[…]

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I Won’t Make Fun of You For Playing Pokemon Go

I never got into the Pokemon craze. Even as a kid. It was just too “out there” for me. I wanted to play Barbies and to film stand up sketches with my sister instead. Neither of us became famous comedians, which to this day is a real shame. But my brother was into the show, trading[…]


Catching My Breath

There’s something you don’t know about me. If you’ve been reading along these past few years, you’ve probably seen me cross a few marathon finish lines and post about my favorite intense cardio workouts. But you might not know that I have asthma. And it can be pretty severe and uncontrolled sometimes. You might not[…]

The Wrigley Building is one of my favorite's along Michigan. Perfect evening!

Candlelight Yoga on Michigan Avenue

Summer in Chicago is officially coming to a close. It’s been weeks of on and off rain and I’m starting to break out the sweaters and the boots for an inevitable 8 month winter. With this in mind, when given the opportunity to participate in candlelight yoga on Michigan Avenue during a perfect evening of[…]

Post-FlyWheel class and clearly #livingthesweatylife

Class Pass Comes to Chicago

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to check out a new fitness craze that’s popping up around the United States. I’ll be the first to admit that I can be fairly indecisive when choosing what workout I want to accomplish. Some days its yoga, most days it’s running and every so often I’m up[…]

I love the marshmallow man stress ball! Perfect for the holidays coming up!

Will Run for Chocolate: Hot Chocolate 15/ 5K Race Entry Giveaway

It’s time for another giveaway! If you haven’t already heard of America’s Sweetest Race (see previous post) the Hot Chocolate 15/5K race is coming to Chicago in just a few weeks! And I’ve got the golden ticket!! If you love running, love chocolate or love both, this is the perfect way to welcome Fall and[…]

Quiero todos!

Catching the race bug…what’s next?

Is it just me or does everything revolve around running? I know I’m not the only one who gets asked what their weekend plans are and the response is in miles. There are thousands of runners in the United States and plenty of Latinas out to conquer the races. Just today I’ve been cheering on[…]

Sitting down and eating was wonderful!

Twenty-Six Point Two: The Chicago Marathon

Last week, I completed my first full marathon! That’s 26.2 consecutive miles!! And I survived!!! I will admit, there were moments where I didn’t think I was going to finish it (I had a minor setback at the Mile 15 medical tent) but we’ll get to that later. I walked away from the finish line[…]

Introducing Nike Tech Fleece. All the benefits of fleece but without the pilling inside and out.

Fall Fashion: The Fitness Look Book

Today is the first day of autumn! In the spirit of all things fall, let’s talk about workout wear when the weather changes. The mornings are getting crisper, a hint of color is hitting the leaves, and I’m training for the Chicago marathon. I used to be one of those chicas who cut up old[…]