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Hack Your Meal Prep

Losing weight and getting healthy calls for some serious commitment. With my schedule, my kitchen isn’t the ideal instagrammable meal-prep production line I’d like it to be twice, or even once a week. And most days I end up having breakfast, lunch and an occasional dinner at work (especially if I’m teaching). It’s awful. And as nice as it is to see the tupperwares neatly lined in the fridge after 5 hours of cooking, baking and roasting everything for the week, it’s just not always realistic for a busy lifestyle. I love my crockpot as much as the next person, but there are only so many overnight recipes that I can take before everything starts feeling like a chili-mush. THERE IS A BETTER WAY. Here’s 4 ways you can hack your meal prep process.

The Fit Foodie Kitchen

For local Chicagoans, this is a diamond in the rough! The Fit Foodie Kitchen, is a Chef-designed, restaurant-quality prepared meal delivery service focusing on all dairy, gluten free and paleo.  The food takes functional meal prep and amplifies it with amazing flavors in their snacks and meals. And, Fit Foodie is the only meal prep service of its kind in Chicago AND started by a woman. How’s that for some girl power? Use code FITMICHELLE to get 20% off your online order! Do yourself a favor and get some of the Lemon Garlic Chicken Cauliflower Risotto. IT. IS. LIFE. CHANGING.


This is the first meal delivery service I ever tried. I actually stumbled upon it based on a friend’s recommendation and ordered from here instead. It’s delicious! With breakfast and lunch/dinner options, it makes food prep as easy as opening the fridge and removing the packaging! The outer exterior of the meals also has fun nutrition facts and healthy eating tips so when you’re waiting at the microwave, you don’t have to awkwardly pretend to be checking emails on your phone or making small talk with that co-worker you’ve sworn to avoid. That’s a win/win in my book! Use this link for $20 off your first order!

Blue Apron 

If you enjoy cooking, but always forget the ONE thing you need at the store, Blue Apron is perfect for you. They deliver all the ingredients and a recipe card that goes along with it (that you can keep and use later). All recipes are beginner-friendly and take around 20-30 minutes to prepare. There’s a sophisticated aspect to these meals and they let you have fun with the presentation and plating. Hello, Top Chef! Also, each meal provides 2 servings, so save one for later or share with a friend!


This is technically a meal prep cheat, but when you’re on the go or have a jam-packed schedule of meetings, Ritual is your go-to pal. Through the app, you’re able to order food around you and pick it up directly from the restaurant counter. It’s dangerous though, because I’ve started ordering my coffee and RX bar while on the train and just swinging by and picking it up! No need to wait in line or deal with your card to pay. Everything is taken care of on the app! Use this link for $10 off and extra points on your next orders!


Now that you’ve got breakfast, lunch and dinner taken care of, go enjoy that crazy life of yours! Hustle hard, girl!

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