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Best Gyms in Chicago Right Now

The same workout in the same place, over and over is tedious. Without breaking up the monotony, working out can feel like a chore with the risk of plateauing. Your body needs some variety and the best way to get that is to try something new! Check out my favorite gyms in Chicago right now.


  • Barry’s Bootcamp – This gym is new to Chicago and it was easy to understand the global cult following. When I had stopped in for a total body class with my friend Jen, I was blown away by how chic, yet unpretentious it was. It was fashionable, the workout was incredibly functional and fun. I’ve been living my whole life without ever trying dynamic mode on the treadmill, and I’ve clearly been doing it all wrong. Also, if I ever need to film a music video, the women’s locker room is the perfect spot. Jen and I also enjoyed a post-workout smoothie and ended up staying through the next class just catching up.
  • Flywheel – This is an old favorite of mine, but Flywheel made me fall in love with group spin classes. The music is always on point and the workout will leave you feeling accomplished (and a little sore the next day). Candy is my favorite instructor because she makes you work really hard and keeps you motivated throughout the entire class. She switches between Gold Coast and Old Town, so check the schedule before you go!
  • On Your Mark Coaching and Training – When I was using Classpass, this was one of my favorite spots! I’ve taken the same boxing class at both locations (West Loop and Bucktown) and enjoyed it every time! The circuit training mixed with boxing essence of the class is everything I need for a full body workout!
  • Title Boxing Club – There’s a pattern here, but I love boxing! Probably for the same reasons that I love running, but I get to mix running and kicking and hitting things. It’s an instant stress reliever! I’ve only tried the group classes, but it was everything I needed for a weekend workout. It definitely makes you realize that your body really can do anything for 30 seconds.
  • Go Row – For a brief moment in college I considered going out for the crew team. In Arizona there was just something so appealing about getting up at the crack of dawn and rowing through a glass-looking lake. It sounded a lot better in my head and I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. Flash forward a few years and I found myself walking into Go Row! They mix circuit training with rowing and each class is a mini competition with the other side of the gym. It mixes TRX, rowing, weights and cardio so when you head to Nookies for brunch after, you’re ready for an extra side of bacon.
  • FFC – This is my everyday gym. Here I can head to a spin class, lift some weights, soak in the hot tub and swim some laps. I might not do everything all in the same day, but a big gym like this gives me the freedom to workout at my own pace. Their group classes are pretty great too.

Where is your favorite workout in Chicago? Let me know and I’ll check out a class!

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