I love the marshmallow man stress ball! Perfect for the holidays coming up!
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Will Run for Chocolate: Hot Chocolate 15/ 5K Race Entry Giveaway

It’s time for another giveaway! If you haven’t already heard of America’s Sweetest Race (see previous post) the Hot Chocolate 15/5K race is coming to Chicago in just a few weeks! And I’ve got the golden ticket!!

If you love running, love chocolate or love both, this is the perfect way to welcome Fall and get in the holiday spirit. Whether you’re in Chicago, Columbus, Phoenix, St. Louis, Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Philly or San Diego, the Hot Chocolate 15/5K giveaway applies to you! Check out the Hot Chocolate 15/5K website for information on race dates and let me know where you’d like to attend. Winner will be chosen by 10/24! 

Of course, I’m secretly hoping the finish line will be serving Abuelita’s Hot Chocolate. Think it’ll happen?

Entering to win is incredibly easy!

Comment below with your favorite Hot Chocolate tradition, recipe or memory or send a tweet to @healthylatina using the hashtag #WillRunForChocolate to win! 

I love the marshmallow man stress ball! Perfect for the holidays coming up!
I love the marshmallow man stress ball! Perfect for the holidays coming up!

You’re all winners!

Everyone who signs up for the race will receive a free travel mug at packet pick-up by using the code HEALTHYLATINAMUG!

Comment below or send a tweet! Hope to see you there!

7 thoughts on “Will Run for Chocolate: Hot Chocolate 15/ 5K Race Entry Giveaway”

  1. I love dark chocolate hot chocolate! I’m not sure if I have a favorite memory per say but it always reminds me of home. I find it very comforting!

  2. My abuelita would make us abuelita hot chocolate every December 1st to start the festivities. She would pair it with a piece of pan dulce and All the grand kids would spend the night at her house and go to bed late 🙂 so much fun!

  3. My grandma would always make me and my siblings hot chocolate when we would go to her house during the winter season. Nothing like watching the snow fall but staying warm with your hot cocoa. Our stockings were always stuffed with different flavors of hot chocolate! Now my grandmother is living with us and I love being able to return the favor to her and make her hot chocolate anytime she wants it!!! Still making hot chocolate memories, and I hope to make one at the Hot Chocolate 15/5k in COLUMBUS this year!

  4. Going back to my undergraduate days, I would have to say my favorite hot chocolate concoction would be peppermint schnapps and any dark hot chocolate mix. Some of my fondest memories are tailgating with a spirit-filled mug of coco.There is no doubt, this mixture will warm you up on the coldest of days! (Chicago)

  5. Hi Michelle,

    My favorite hot chocolate memory is huddling around our local beach fire pits and telling scary/funny stories with my family & friends. The marshmallows thrown in our hot cocoa were ALWAYS roasted on the fire first<3

  6. I love the memories that I have now as a mom of cuddling up with my 3 girls during a snow storm with warm mugs of hot chocolate in our hands.

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