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I Won’t Make Fun of You For Playing Pokemon Go

I never got into the Pokemon craze. Even as a kid. It was just too “out there” for me. I wanted to play Barbies and to film stand up sketches with my sister instead. Neither of us became famous¬†comedians, which to this day is a real shame. But my brother was into the show, trading cards and Gameboy games. Which officially made it less cool. (Sorry, man.)

By now, you’ve probably seen the media storm that is obsessed with Pokemon Go. I first saw a few people posting on Facebook about it two weeks ago. Then over the weekend a few neighbors were loitering around when I was walking my dog with their phones out. It wasn’t for selfie purposes. They were trying to “Catch ‘Em All.” Being my judgmental self, I warily asked if they were catching Pokemon. Yes, they confirmed. My dog wasn’t too pleased, as she is with anyone when they look a little out of place. And then a few days later, all hell broke loose.

It’s summer in Chicago and I work downtown. I can’t go anywhere in the city without seeing hoards of people with their phones out, cameras facing outward, getting a Charizard or a Jigglypuff or a Pikachu. (Those are the only ones I know). While I don’t appreciate you standing in my way while I’m running late to a meeting I can get behind the fact that you’re now interacting¬†with other pedestrians and players. And hello, you’re outside enjoying the Vitamin D and sweet smell of Chicago in the summer. WE STILL AREN’T AS BAD AS NEW YORK!¬†Meetups are a real thing with the app and anyone in the city should beware of the 7,000+ people gathering at the Bean on Sunday around 2 p.m. You’ve been warned!!

But these Pokemon Go players are beating us at our own game. They’re catching more points on their FitBits and destroying us in the walking department. The extra steps and virtual reality aspect of the game makes takes this app to the forefront of the health sphere. It might just be the hottest fitness app ever invited. Read more from IGN on that here.

Are you out there trying to Catch ‘Em All? Tell me what you think of the app and it’s health potential!


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