Introducing Nike Tech Fleece. All the benefits of fleece but without the pilling inside and out.
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Fall Fashion: The Fitness Look Book

Today is the first day of autumn! In the spirit of all things fall, let’s talk about workout wear when the weather changes. The mornings are getting crisper, a hint of color is hitting the leaves, and I’m training for the Chicago marathon.

I used to be one of those chicas who cut up old t-shirts and ran in shorts from the little kids section of target because they were cheaper. Alright, I’m still one of those people, I just don’t leave the house without changing first.

At some point along my fitness journey, I discovered that with actual athletic clothing I’m more motivated to work out and hit the gym. And I’m fairly certain that you will be too. When you pull on those spandex leggings, it’s like everything is right in the world and you’re ready to conquer some serious [insert choice phrase here] kickboxing. I started asking for workout clothes for Christmas and birthdays and began picking up pieces here and there and eventually created a great collection of spring, summer and fall clothes for any workout.

For the record, Chicago is a very fashionable place. Latino Fashion week is coming up just in a few weeks as a matter of fact! It’s also a very cold place. And I’ve spent the last eight years “roughing” it out in the desert with warm weather and lots of sunshine. So in the spirit of high fashion, looking great and avoiding hypothermia while you glisten, check out these fashionable looks from Nike’s fall line in a cool page-by-page online booklet.

Recognize any familiar Chicago places?
Recognize any familiar Chicago places?

This week I took a trip after work over to the Nike store on Michigan Avenue and tried on some of the spotlight pieces for their fall line. You should know that I love so much about the Nike brand. The entire company is founded on the idea that anything is possible if you have the right mental and physical strength to do it. And the right tools to help you get there.

The dream
The dream

I believe that investing in quality is a lesson we all will learn one day, and I apply that lesson to athletic clothing. When I feel my best, I perform my best. As a runner, as a student and as a Latina.

As a runner, Nike Free Runs are perfect for me. I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon last year in San Francisco and even did a computerized test to see if I was in the right shoes. Turns out I was! After seeing these beauties, I think I need to test them out for myself. I wouldn’t recommend them for running in the rain or the snow though based on their lighter fabric. But on a dry day, I could definitely rock these.

My biggest problem with finding running tights and leggings are my hips. I’ve got a little Latina curve going on and for some reason most designers ignore the fact that I need pants that will stay up and not cut off the circulation around my waist. I found the perfect match in the Nike Sculpt Pant.

Heaven in fabric form and the new Latina staple
Heaven in fabric form and the new Latina staple

I honestly felt like a piece of artwork. I would wear these everyday if I could! There is a little bit of wiggling into these as they are a tight, but the end result is well worth it. You ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel like your midsection is where you want it to be? These are the pants for that and you don’t feel like you’re gasping for air or unable to move. I felt a few size smaller after putting these on and wanted to lace up and head for a run then and there. I also wanted to start singing Como la Flor in the dressing room. Something just felt so Selena about them.

We should know that this isn't me, but how amazing do these look?!
We should know that this isn’t me, but how amazing do these look?!

Another amazing item out in the Nike look book is their Tech Pack. I appreciate moisture wicking fabrics while I work out. I actually have the last year’s version of this style inspiration from while they were still developing the technology for this. And let me tell you, I have been supremely happy with my old jacket. And I’m dying to get my hands on one of these.

Introducing Nike Tech Fleece. All the benefits of fleece but without the pilling inside and out.
Introducing Nike Tech Fleece. All the benefits of fleece but without the pilling inside and out.

The Tech Fleece Cape is definitely going to be one of my Chicago winter staples. I can already tell. I was talking to an employee in the store about it and she called it the “socially acceptable snuggie!” A comparison which I absolutely love!

I can't decide if I love the grey or the red more!
I can’t decide if I love the grey or the red more!

What are your fall and winter workout staples? Check out the Nike Fall look book and let me know your thoughts! Share in the comments section below or tag a photo with the hashtag #HealthyLatina on Twitter or Instagram!

Photos courtesy of Nike. 

2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion: The Fitness Look Book”

  1. Hi! Found your blog recently and have to say I love it. These are some great gym/running outfits. The pants call my attention the most. Ive been searching for a good pair of tights that don’t roll down my waist while running. Huge dilemma!
    PS: I am a fellow Latina by the way! Looking forward to following your posts. 🙂

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